Squares, centers of life

Squares and their attraction to people, I find it so fascinating. From the earliest times, squares are developed as a meeting place. A place where all inhabitants could gather to attend important celebrations and ceremonies. Life is builded around these squares, and therefore mostly surrounded by beautiful historical buildings. 

I think it is hard to find a square that doesn’t attract people. Street artists find the perfect decor to perform and a public that embraces this form of spontaneous entertainment. A business man enjoys the city vibes, while a teenager is waiting nervously for his first date. It is an ideal place for tourists, having a moment to orientate in their guides and plan their next step. People can escape their stressful jobs to relax for a moment during their lunch break. A group of students are able to join history class out in the open, while an elderly couple is enjoying a cup of coffee.

So many different people, so many different stories. I love to hang around at these magical places, watching the world goes by. It really feels like you’re in the centre of life.


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