Remember how fresh, joyful and peaceful life was when you were a little child. How outspoken you were. How every day turned out to be an adventure, full of new experiences. When time didn’t exist and age was something to celebrate, because it was related to you developing as a human being. Remember how lucky you felt discovering new senses, new feelings, new tastes. How you learned a little bit more about you and your life, as a human being, every day. Remember you, just being you, enjoying every moment in your life.

Somewhere in the process, called growing up, we lose ourselves in the terror of Society. Suddenly just being a human doesn’t seem to be enough. Materialism sneak into our lives and we turn into machines driven by desire, expectations, commitments and responsibilities. Our focus is changing from who we are, to what we are, what we do and what we have. We expect our lives to be bigger, better, more exciting and interesting than others. Focused on everything we want, or we think we need, we are rushing through the days; always on the next thing. While we are making our lives unnecessarily complicated, we forget to enjoy and appreciate the simple pleasures in life.

This is me on a mission to keep life simple and enjoy each day that is given. Don’t think bigger, better and above all; don’t look too much ahead. Just be real, back to basic, down to earth. Use your senses and feel how it’s like to JUST BE, be HUMAN.

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